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We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions with answers to make things easier for you!


How do I use a pass from iVenture Card?

Using your iVenture Card is easy! Choose the Pass that suits you best and purchase it online. You'll be emailed your iPass which you download to your phone or download the iVenture Card mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When you are ready to start using your Pass, simply present it on arrival at each attraction to gain entry. For some attractions, you can skip the line. Some attractions may require you to book ahead. 

What are the benefits of an iVenture Card?

A Pass from iVenture Card offers convenience, flexibility, ease of use and some serious savings. No need to stand in line to purchase tickets, lots of different pass types to suit your travelling style and contactless entry with our digital iPass. Use the iVenture Card mobile app to store your Pass and to organise your itinerary.

Who is an iVenture Card for?

A Pass from iVenture Card is for anyone who wants convenience, ease of use and serious savings when sightseeing. You decide what Pass suits your travelling style and when you’re ready to travel, download your Pass to your phone to take with you.

What destinations is the iVenture Card available for?

iVenture Card is committed to bringing you the very best travel deals for top destinations around the world. We are rapidly expanding. So far we cover Sydney, Melbourne, Athens, Gold Coast, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, Dubai, Los Angeles, Rome and San Francisco.

Is there an iVenture Card Pass for children?

Yes, iVenture Card does offer children’s packages. The age requirements differ across destinations so please be sure to take note when you are browsing through the packages.

Does my iVenture Card come with a guide?

Download the iVenture Card mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, download your Pass, wishlist your favourite attractions and follow the maps. Simple!

Do you have an iVenture Card family Pass?

No, currently we don’t offer a family package. Each member of your family will require their own card. However, the savings are still substantial.

How long is my iVenture Card valid for?

Validity periods vary by package type and destination. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions prior to purchase. 

Do I have to use it for consecutive days?

Some packages are valid for use over consecutive days and some are valid for the number of 'tickets' purchased. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions prior to purchase as they vary by destination and package type.

If I have to use my iVenture Card over consecutive days, what time does it run out?

Some packages involve using your Pass over a set number of days. The Pass  will expire on the final calendar day of your consecutive period. It is not based on 24 hour periods. For example, if you purchase a 3-day attraction pass and begin to use it on Wednesday it will be valid until Friday.

What happens if attraction prices change?

Attraction ticket prices change from time to time, however, once you have purchased your iVenture Card, your attraction entry or benefit will be valid for the duration of the package you purchased. Attraction price changes don't affect you.


Is ID needed at the attractions?

No. Your iVenture Card iPass is all you need to gain access to the attraction. You can download your iPass to your phone and present for entry.

Is the public entry fee to each of the attractions included in my iVenture Card package?

Attraction fees vary greatly if you were to visit without an iVenture Card Pass. We have published the usual entry fees for each attraction on the relevant destination website, for your ease of reference and so you can easily count your savings!


Do I have to pre-book for any tours?

Some attractions require a pre-booking and we have noted where pre-bookings are required on the relevant travel destination attraction pages on the website, iVenture Card App and My Account. We advise you to book 48 hours in advance where necessary.

Ticket collection for some tours and attractions

Some attractions may require you to collect a ticket for entry. Please consult the iVenture Card App carefully for Collection Information before arriving at your chosen attraction.


Can I buy an iVenture Card as a gift?

Yes. An iVenture Card is an excellent gift idea for friends and relatives. Gift-giving couldn't be easier! Just pick the destination and package type you would like to give and the recipient can choose what they want to do and when. A thoughtful gift to help create memories.

Can I purchase an iVenture Card prior to arrival at my chosen travel destination?

Yes, we recommend you purchase your iVenture Card Pass online before arrival, your iPass will be sent to you via email and ready to use upon your arrival. Make sure to download the iVenture Card mobile app available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before you leave so you avoid any internet charges overseas.

Can I purchase an iVenture Card package after arrival?

Yes. Passes from iVenture Card can be purchased at your destination after arrival. Please allow 24 hours for your purchase to be processed. 

Can I collect my iVenture Card before I arrive in my chosen destination?

Passes from iVenture Card are now all digital for ease of use and convenience so they'll be emailed to you directly which also offers you a contactless customer experience.